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How do Essential Oils work?

Essential oils are composed of different molecules. Some of these are terpenes, esters, ketones, aldehydes, alcohols and phenols. They are very volatile and some dissolve in both oil and water.

As these highly volatile essences evaporate they are also inhaled, thus entering the body via the millions of sensitive cells that line the nasal passages. In minute water droplets released into the air they can be inhaled.

At the top of the nose they are intercepted by the olfactory nerve cells. From there their messages are transmitted to the brain, where they activate responses in ways as yet not understood.

When rubbed into the body, the aromatic molecules of essential oils will be absorbed by the body's natural oil or sebum.

Thus in an aromatherapy treatment the essential oils are able to enhance both your physical and psychological well-being at the same time.

  1. Oil of garlic, for example, can lower high blood pressure and raise low blood pressure.
  2. Oil of peppermint calms and stimulates at the same time.
  3. Each oil has a distinct chemical composition which determines its fragrance, color, volatility and the ways in which it affects the system.

There is no doubt that essential oils are lovely to use and that they have a beneficial effect on the mind and body.

One of the most popular applications for essential oils is in the field of aromatherapy. It is easy to enough to understand why certain aromatherapy oils smells, such as clean laundry, baking bread or the sweetness of fresh milk, have strong associations of warmth, comfort and nourishment and hence, perhaps of home and childhood.

Once you've learned a little about the uses and benefits of essential oils, you'll be amazed at how you can take control of your health, the air you breathe and the food you eat-all in a safe, chemical free manner.

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