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Discover The Best of Dior (Christian Dior)

Christian Dior is sometimes known as the the most recognized name in fashion. Of course why wouldn't he be? House of Dior was created by Christian Dior, a French man that had a niche for design.

During 1950's Dior styles were considered the epitome of fashion and he dominated the fashion world. Some of the best products that boast the Dior name range from make up, fragrances, designer handbags, and sunglasses just to name a few of the must have Dior items that must be in every fashionistas closet.

Dior Fragrances

The fragrances of Dior are unparallel to any other fragrance on the market some of Dior's best fragrances are in a class of their own like J'adore that has notes of plum, orchids, Damascus and amaranth woods that make this a perfect perfume to wear all day long.

Fahrenheit for men: This perfume has a woody fragrance that is strong and definitely one of a kind that is desired by many men and the women who love them.

Dior Sunglasses

Dior Sunglasses are known for their oversized lenses and their trademark name that has Dior going along the sides of the glasses or their signature D. The glasses are authentic, stylish and protective all in one.

Dior Handbags

Dior handbags are one of a kind which they are known for their quality stitching as well as their authenticity and different variations and styles that make it easy for any woman to choose a Dior bag and know how to wear to one or more events.

Dior Makeup

Especially their unlimited mascara that works so well that you don't even need an eyelash curler because it does all the work for you by lengthening, thickening and just looking fantastic. Little effort is required when applying this mascara which is the reason while it has the Dior name, because everything Dior is just fabulous.

The story is told that Christian Dior was born in 1905 and did some war time that put strains on his desire to open a business during that era. However he debuted his first clothing line in 1947 that was considered a "New look" because it was totally opposite of what people were wearing during that time.

His clothes were all about looking lavish and luxurious and comfort was just an option. Because of Dior and his creativity he helped France become one of the leading industries of fashion.

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