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Five Minute Face Makeup

When you have no got time to spare, try this quick routine for evening sophistication. The key is to choose simple looks, applied with a minimum of fuss when you are racing the clock ... in other words, simple steps to a sexy look! Try the following tips and get your makeup done in just no time. Watch 5 min video

Applying Makeup in Five Minutes

Five minutes to go...

The all in one foundation-powder formulations give your skin the medium coverage, it needs for this look in half the time. Take it over lips and eyelids.

Four Minutes to go...
Cream eyeshadow applied straight from stick is quick and easy to apply. Opt for a brown shade as it will bring out the colour of your eyes and give them a sexy, sultry finish. Slick it over your entire eyelid.

Three and a half minutes to go..
A swift way to blend in your eyeshadow is to brush over the top with translucent loose power. This will tone down the colour and blend away any harsh edges.

Two and a half minutes to go..
Apply a coat of mascara to your lashes, taking care to color your lower lashes as well as your upper ones. Use the tip of the mascara wand to coat the lower lashes.

One and a half minutes to go..
A warm berry red blusher will give your skin a fabulous flush. Apply it with a blusher brush, sweeping it from your cheeks up towards your eyes.

Thirty seconds to go..
Choose a berry shade of lipstick to add instant bold colour to your lips, sweeping it straight on. Cover your lower lip first then press your lips together to transfer some of the colour onto your upper lip.

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