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Gothic Makeup

There are lots of types of Gothic makeup that are available for you to choose from these days. The trick is to find the right type of Gothic makeup. If done well, Gothic makeup can enhance your looks greatly.

This is the reason you should be carefully right from the selection of the proper gothic make up type to how you go about the whole process of applying it. Remember if done badly gothic make up can make you look stupid. It is always preferable that you know at least the basics of Gothic make up before you try it on.

Gothic Whiteface Makeup

Gothic whiteface makeup is extremely popular, particularly with the younger lot nowadays. The entire makeup creates an illusion that you are pale. When trying out Gothic whiteface make up make sure that you apply the base evenly and don't overdo it.

The same principle holds good for Gothic eyeliner also. You will need to apply it ever so subtly and not overdo it. It is for this reason that liquid eyeliner would work best for you.

Gothic Face Decoration

Gothic face decoration is also finding an increasing number of takers these days. Keeping it to a minimum and trying to making it original is the key with stylish Gothic face decoration. Being original is the key to getting the best out of Gothic make up.

This holds true for Gothic lipstick too. Rich browns, burgundy and reds are 'in' these days and you can try them for that vibrant look. You can complement all this with the right Gothic hair dye. Keep all these factors in mind when choosing the right type of Gothic makeup.

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