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Steps to control Oily Skin

Skin that feels great when you take off for work in the morning but feels greasy by lunch; these are all too familiar scenarios for those of us with oily skin. Oily skin type has over reactive sebaceous glands that make the face shiny, particularly down the central panel-your nose, forehead and chin, also known as the T-zone.

The pores of persons with oily skin type are enlarged and prone to blackheads, pimples and Acne problems; thus, oily skin requires has special cleansing needs for keeping pores unclogged and prevent accumulation of dirt on the skin type check

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Steps to control Oily Skin

An oily or greasy skin is prone to pimples and dark shadows. It, therefore requires frequent cleansing, say thrice a day atleast. Use of sulphur soap is beneficial. Also remember to clean your face at night, before retiring, with some good quality cleansing milk. Avoid oily food. If you have an excessively oily skin, take a diet rich in proteins but restricted in sugar, fluids and salt. Also take plenty of leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits.

Make sure that all of your makeup, especially your foundation, and sunscreen are water-based. There is no truer friend to oily skin than powder that is oil free and preferably free of fragrance.

Tips for Oily skin care: daily routine techniques:

  • Make a mixture of 1 spoon curd,1 spoon tomato juice, 1 spoon multani mitti, 1 spoon honey and little amount of kapur. Apply this mixture on your face.

  • Oily skin complexion often looks shiny and because excess sebum can mix with makeup an dirt to clog pores, oily skin is vulnerable to spots.

  • Oily skin requires more cleansing than other skin types.

Oily Skin Type Checklist

  1. Oily skin feels very greasy.
  2. The texture is often very thick and coarse.
  3. There are large, visible pores.
  4. After a wash it feels fine.
  5. By midday it looks shiny.
  6. Often break out in spots.

Oily skin looks more young allowing fewer wrinkles/lines to form. Infact, skin starts to become dry after the age of 35.

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