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7 Must-Have Skin Care Products for Winter

Winter time is the most dreaded time for some people due to its chilling temperatures, uncontrollable snowfall and just its plain old cold and bitterness. Winter weather can have a major effect on the skin and lips and not in a good way either.

Luckily there are winter skin cares products that will help you winterize your body and protect your skin from being chapped, brittle, cracked and dry.

Top 7 Must Have Skincare Products for Winter

1. Lip Balm
Don't leave home without this cool moisturizer for your lips that will give your lips a nice feeling after application. Regular chap stick just won't do lip balm has special agents that create a nice finish and makes your lips stay moist and wet all day long and helps prevent from cracking and chapping lips. Burt's Bee brand is some of the best recommended lip balm you can have for the winter.

2. Skin Moisturizer
Moisturizer is just not for the face anymore, but for the whole entire body especially for the winter. You can get a great result if you use oil based moisturizers since they have a warming effect that will feel warm on your skin.

3. Sunscreen Protection
Yes that is right sunscreen is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer. Lather up with sunscreen 30 minutes to an hour before you hit the outdoors, just because it is winter it does not mean the sun does not shine. Some people have different skin types where they are more sensitive to sunlight, so sunscreen should be a daily part of your skin winter care.

4. Body Scrub
Preferably a body scrub with exfoliate, since the cold can take a toll on your skin causing it to be extra dry and brittle it is recommended that you use a strong body scrub with exfoliates that can smooth out that dry skin.

5. Body Butter
This is much thicker than lotion and it soothes the skin as well as reconditions the skin and haves your entire body moist and smooth all day long.

6. Petroleum Jelly
It is essential to have for your skin in the winter that you can use for those hard to moisturize places like your elbows and feet. You can use petroleum jelly on your hands as well. Petroleum jelly or Vaseline works so well that you may not even need lotion.

7. Face Cream
Our faces are the most exposed to the winter weather, no matter how much we bundle up some of our face has to be exposed to the weather conditions, so we can see where we are going. So to protect your skin a night renewing face cream would be ideal to protect your face in the winter.

If you follow some healthful tips and pick up some products that are essential for the winter, you can be out in the snow building a snowman or having a snowball fight while still protecting your skin with these most needed skin care products that will protect your body in the winter.

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