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Essential Skin Care Tips

Here are some practical tips on how to maintain a beautiful skin without spending too much.

Skin Care

Tip 1) Drink lots of water. Drinking around eight glasses a day can cleanse your system and hydrate your skin.

Tip 2) Eat balanced meals. A healthy diet will help you achieve blemish-free skin. Try to eat in moderation and include more in fruits and vegetables.

Tip 3) Get enough sleep. Make sure you get enough sleep. Around eight hours should do the trick, you will look so much better minus the dark circles and eye bags.

Tip 4) Exercise regularly for healthy skin. Exercise helps rid your system of toxins aside from keeping your body trim and toned and fit.

Tip 5) Protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays. Always use a sun protection cream or lotion while going outside in sun. Sun rays can damage the skin and can result into wrinkles, pimples, acne etc. skin problems.

Tip 6) Healthy Diet. Diet is also of vital importance and no skin can be healthy without proper nutrition. Try to avoid too much of carbohydrates, sugar, fried and greasy foods, cakes and alcohol which can cause blemishes and blotchiness on the skin's surface.

Tip 7) Reduce stress. Relax and take things in stride. You'll look younger and more beautiful when you feel good inside.

Tip 8) Eat Vitamins. Vitamin A aids circulation and a lack of it shows in drying, scaling and weakness of the epidermis. Vitamin B is recommended by many dieticians to clear the skin of spots and as an aid to healthy hair. Vitamin C is necessary to purify and vitalize the blood stream.

Aloe vera is used for softening the skin.

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