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Skin Cleansing Tips

skin cleansing clearSkin cleansing is an important part of skin care routine. Cleansing creams goes deeper into the pores and clean them thoroughly and is an integral part of treatment for multiple chemical sensitivity, pesticide and chemical exposure as well as therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome.

  1. Look for a cleanser that suits your skin type.
  2. Check a product label for descriptive terms:
  3. Words such as strong and potent indicate a high powered formula good for oilier skins, while words such as gently and mild hint at products suitable for drier complexions.

Liquid and Cream Cleansers

Liquid cleansers are sometimes called cleansing milks, cleansing lotions or gels and have the consistency of thin to moderately thick body lotion. To apply, spread a small amount over dry or damp skin then wipe off with a damp face cloth or rinse off with lukewarm water.

Skin cleansing Tips

Drink 8-12 glass of water a day as this is good for healthy skin.

complexion bars look like soap, but they are actually mild cleansers in bar form. Look for individual formulas targeting oily, normal or dry complexion.

Follow the skin cleansing routine regularly

Sebum production speeds up in the summer which contributes to grimy summer skin. You may want to sneak in an extra daily cleansing during warm weather.

Do not spend money on expensive skin cleansers, because a cleanser is going to be on your skin for only a few seconds before being rinsed away. Save your beauty cash for moisturizers, sunscreens, intensive treatments and other products that will sit on your skin for a while.

Homemade Rose Water Cleansing Cream

Galen, a Greek physician of the 2nd century, made this cleansing cream with the following ingredients:

1 tablespoon beeswax or white paraffin wax
1 tablespoon emulsifying wax
4 tablespoons mineral oil
6 tablespoons rose water t teaspoon borax, and
a few drops of rose oil (perfume)

Melt the waxes and oil together, and at the same time heat the water and borax and make sure that the borax is completely dissolved. Remove both bowls from the heat and pour water into the oiL Continue stirring until a white cream starts to form. Add a few drops of rose oil when the mixture begins to cool. Carry on beating until the mixture thickens.

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