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Darkcircles Under eyes - Symptom & Treatment

Dark circles under the eyes are common but usually not permanent. Persons suffering from dark circles under eye are always on the lookout for treatment options for the condition before it becomes chronic and serious. They're often due to temporary changes in the blood vessels under the eyes. Darkcircles is generally easy to spot people with chronic insomnia by the tell-tale circles around the eyes. Black or dark circles under or around the eyes can be caused by many different factors.

However, these dark circles under the eyes can be treated with a balanced combination of vitamins and botanicals. The lack of moisture that the fragile skin under the eyes needs for its nourishment is the cause for many persons complaining of dark under eye circles.

Cause of dark circles under eyes or around eyes

1. Lack of sleep.
2. Inherited condition having a family with the kind of skin that makes dark circles more likely.
3. Fluid retention which causes puffiness that may cast shadows.
4. Aging which thins and relaxes the skin around the eyes.

Using concealer to hide the Dark under eye circles

The fastest cure for dark circles is to apply concealer. Choose a gold-based color that matches your skin shade exactly (the gold will counteract the blue of the under eye circle).

The most common mistake women make when applying concealer is choosing a color that's too light -- this only achieves a "reverse raccoon" effect. Another common problem: putting the concealer only under the eye.

You should apply it all around the eye area, and be sure to blend well. Set the concealer with a light dusting of translucent face powder so that it stays put. And to avoid drawing attention to your under eye area, don't apply eyeliner or mascara to your lower lashes.

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