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Leukonychia Symptoms, Treatment

Leukonychia is nail disease taken from the Greek terms Leuko means white and Onyx means nails which is acquired hereditary. Leukonychia is often associated with hypoalbuminaemia that causes partial or complete white discoloration of the nails. Leuconychia or "white nail" is an abnormal whiteness of the nails, either in total, partial (spot) or striate (streaks) forms. Leukonychia totalis is a very rare case. Hereditary or congenital leukonychia, is present since birth. This nail disorder has different causes and stages; Leukonychia Partialis which is a phase of Leukonychia Totalis, Leukonychia autosomal dominant (congenital), transverse linear nail lesions, Muehrcke's Lines, Mees' Lines, among the main.

Leuconychia changes the color of your nails. This condition is characterised by staining of the whole nail white and is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. If you have to go in some party, then for temporary purposes you may use nail polish on your nails to hide these white marks. But dont use nail polish on your nails frequently as this will worsen the condition by causing allergic reaction in the surrounding skin and which may damage the nails. The most common signs and symptoms of Leukonychia include camptodactyly, hammer toes, gingivitis, hyperkeratosis, abnormal colored nails, deafness, sensorineural, skin cysts, skin syndactyly of fingers, joint contractures and arthrogryposis.

Causes of Leuconychia

Some other causes of leukonychia except from those said above may be:

  • Leprosy.
  • Exposure to extreme cold.
  • Hepatic Cirrhosis.
  • Ulcerative Colitis.
  • Onychophagia.
  • Psychogenic Stresses.
  • Anemia.
  • Hypoproteinemia.
  • Occupational trauma.
  • A crush injury to base of the nail or the nail bed may produce a permanent deformity.
  • Vitamin deficiency can cause a loss of luster or brittle nails.

Treatment of Leukonychia

There is no exact cure and medical treatment available for leukonychia. The white marks will dissapear on their own, when the nails will grow outwards. Reducing minor injury to the nails may prevent the white marks. Food like green leafy vegetables, whole grains, nuts and should be consumed in daily life for the deficiency of zinc, which attributed to appearance of white spots. If the condition persists or its cause is inexplicable, consider to be evaluated by a dermatologist or health care professional.


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