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Simple Rules For Wearing A Short Cocktail Dress
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Simple Rules For Wearing A Short Cocktail Dress

A short cocktail dress is one of those things that scream "sexy" from a mile away which probably explains why they are a personal favourite for most it girls. From celebrities to everyday people, everyone seems to go for the occasional short cocktail dress, and we gotta tell you, nothing livens up a party quite like one of these sexy numbers.

short black coctail dress


Now like most fashion pieces, a cocktail dress, short or long, cannot be worn with anything less than the utmost confidence. Often it seems that not everyone can pull off the look, but in the end, just about anyone can, so long as they have confidence; in spades! Have you ever observed someone wearing an absolutely sensational mini outfit and fidgeting with the hem every minute? We are guessing they didn’t look too sensational after 2 seconds. So first rule is; don’t just wear the dress, wear it well!


Yes we all know they accentuate the legs, lengthen them, and also make your walk sexy enough to make the neighbours drool. But when we are talking cocktail dresses though, heels do far more than that. They are an absolute must for any short cocktail dress because they apart from giving you and the dress an added air of sophistication, they make you stand straighter, automatically accentuating your curves in all the right places even better.

Figure flattering

Speaking of curves, while we are crazy about short cocktail dresses, we are also honest enough to admit that not every cut is for every body shape or figure. When picking a short cocktail dress by all means take your body shape into consideration because most a short cocktail dress normally fits like a glove. For instance if you are a bit on the voluptuous side, then by all means wear a short but certainly not tight dress! We promise it will fit better and make you that much more elegant.

Pay attention to your legs

It pains us to admit, but some legs are better than others. That said, regardless of the shape of the legs in question, before you don a short cocktail dress by all means make certain the skin of your legs are properly waxed and moisturized.  A short cocktail dress draws instant attention to your legs and you certainly want them to look their best every time a pair of eyes tracks their progress across a room.

Don’t do busy

Confused as to what we mean? Take a second look at the model. A short cocktail dress is already attention grabbing enough on its own, what with all that satiny skin on display; so a word of advice? Keep accessories to a minimum as they would give you an extremely busy, and in some cases, tacky appearance, as though you were trying too hard.

A short cocktail dress is something every woman should have in her closet because you never know when you may want to wow the crowd. Of course you will wow a lot better if you adopt these simple rules and flaunt your style with effortlessly ease.

This guest post is submitted by Perl Watson on behalf of DressFirst - an online store for wedding and prom dresses.

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