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Popular Boys Hairstyles & Haircuts

A good Boys' Haircuts is what every mom wants for his boy and youngmen. Snips and snails and puppy dog tails... That's what little boys are made of! They are rough and tumble and rarely sit still for anything; let alone a hair cut! Until your boy hits puberty, around the age of 11 - 13 years, his hairstyle will not matter much to him. This makes life much easier for mom, as she can keep the hairstyle fairly short and sweet, simplicity at it's finest.

As boys grows older however, his hair style and looks will take on much more meaning to him as he struggles to find his originality and begins noticing the girls. The particular hairstyle choice will naturally depend upon the boy. His age and hair texture also play a big role while selecting a hairstyle for him. Below we will explore a few different hairstyles geared towards boys. Below are some of the creative boy's hair styles ideas and pictures.

Popular Boys Hairstyles & Haircuts

Crew Cuts (Military cut): This hairstyle very easy to achieve as well as maintain. It can be done in a variety of different lengths (from about 1/8 inch to 3/4 inch) and stays in place no matter how rough and tumble your son is! This boys hairstyle is perfect choice for all ages.

Boys hair style with spikes Spikes: A step up from the military hair style, this cut is also fairly easy to maintain. Simply take a small dab of hair gel for that "spiked" look and go.

Tapered or 'classic' cut: This haircut never grows old. Layered on top and then tapered down the sides and neck.

Side swept: This is a popular hairstyles for boys. It is done by parting and sweeping the hair towards the side and can be left a little long if desired. This hairstyle requires a bit more care and maintenance.

Comb Down: A longer hairstyle, it is achieved by allowing the hair to grow to the bottom of the jaw or ear, depending on the length desired. Then add a simple layer and part down the middle. While this style may be great for your toddler, you may want to change it to a shorter style as your son gets older and becomes more active.

The Shag: This is a great hairstyle for older boys. This style is left longer and uses different layers to create that slightly "uncontrollable" look.


No matter what hairstyle or cut you or your son decides upon, remember that to keep it looking its best, care must be taken.

Most boys prefer a style that requires very little upkeep, opting many times for that 'wash and go' style.

Keep hair trimmed at regular intervals to make sure that your son looks his best.

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