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Hair Removal methods

Hair removal for cosmetic reasons is nothing new. Time has truly evolved and women now have more hair removal options than ever before; from the age-old shaving, trusty eyebrow-plucking, and historical threading to the modern laser and painful waxing, mankind has constantly sought different ways to temporarily or permanently remove bodily hairs.

Hair removal has been practiced way back from the ancient Egyptian times to prevent infestation by lice, fleas, and other external bodily parasites.  It was also practiced for hygiene purposes to eliminate body odor due to odor-causing microorganisms in hair.  Today however, hair removal is done for aesthetic, social, or even sexual purposes.  Society has somehow dictated the right amount of hair for both genders.  Men are expected to be clean-shaven, while women with perfectly-arched brows are adored.  For the lost, the eternally-confused, and those who are still searching, here are the gains and drawbacks of the perennially-essential practice of temporary hair elimination.

The ancient Egyptians are believed to have used sugar and beeswax to remove superfluous body hair. Hair can be removed temporarily through depilation (the removal of the part of the hair that is visible, for example by shaving or using depilatory creams) or epilation (removing the entire hair by plucking or waxing).

At one time, removing body hair was a cultural thing. In some countries hair removal was done, in others it was not. However, in the last decade an increasing number of us - regardless of our nationalities are removing the leg and underarm hair we once kept.

Beautiful legs after hair removalThe threading method of removing excess facial hair which is still used today, particularly in the Arabian Gulf and India and is believed to be many centuries old. Archaeologists have also found instruments like sharpened rocks, suggesting that men shaved their beards many thousands of years ago.

Stick to the Tried and Tested Hair Removal Method and Treatment

The treatments mentioned are established and medically approved methods of hair removal. However, if you do an Internet search or scan the classified advertisements in certain publications - you may come across a number of other hair-removal methods, some not approved by medical bodies or scientifically tested.

Stick to the tried-and-tested techniques, and do not waste your money or compromise your health on bogus treatments. Some of these include electric tweezers (using electrified tweezers to apply an electric current to the hair), dietary supplements and 'hair growth inhibitors'.

In Elizabethan times it was considered extremely desirable for fashionable women to have high foreheads - this resulted in women plucking their front hair-lines to make their foreheads appear higher.

As your choice of hairstyle gives some indication of your personality; so too, your decision on whether or not to remove body hair makes a personal statement. And this does not only apply to women as an increasing number of spas and beauty clinics now cater for men.

You can get rid of unwanted hairs by choosing temporary or permanent hair removal methods.

Temporary Hair Removal Methods

Temporary methods for removing hair which are commonly used are depilation (removing part of the hair above the skin's surface), epilation (removing the entire hair). It can be achieved by the following techniques:

Shaving or trimming (manually or with electric shavers)

Depilatories (creams or lotions which chemically dissolve hair)



Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Plucking

"Permanent" Hair Removal Methods

Various methods are available today for removing body hair permanently.

'Different strokes for different folks', as the saying goes, so feel free to choose the method which works best for you.  After all, you know your body more than anybody else.  Whether you do it for hygiene, social or comfort reasons, make sure you do your assignment by doing a research on the products in the market or even getting feedback from your friends.

Body hairs are there for certain reasons but getting rid of them every once in a while can be liberating and can boost one's confidence.  So grab that cream, razor, tweezer or wax strip now and be hair-less in no time! 

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