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The Right Way To Copy A Celeb’s Hairstyle

So at this point, we have probably all done it; we see a celebrity with their gorgeous hair and we sigh in envy and mentally memorize the cuts and all to describe to our trusty hairdresser. But what happens when memory plays a dirty trick, and the result is disastrous to say the least?

Well here are a few tips for the next time you want to copy a celebrity’s hairdo:

  1. Make certain the shape of your face will go well with that hairstyle.
  2. It is one of the wonders and quirks of nature that different people have different faces. So what may look excellent on say, Eva Longoria, may look horrid on Reese Witherspoon and vice versa. So whenever you want to duplicate a haircut, take a second look at your model’s facial structure.

  3. It’s all in the texture:
  4. Texture, texture, texture! We really can’t say it enough! If you have silky smooth tresses, please do not aim to mimic some celebrity sexy, wavy curls as you may be a mite disappointed with the results.

  5. Know your personality:
  6. Frankly there are few things as annoying as people who try to make some bold fashion statement only to fall pathetically short; kinda like wearing a mini-skirt and tugging it down with every step. So before you perhaps hack your long tresses into one of Rihanna’s trademark short haircuts, be certain you have the confidence to pull off the look!

  7. Don’t be taken in by the images.
  8. It may look effortless, whereas in truth it costs thousands of dollars in time and effort. Before you pounce on a style, get your stylist’s opinion as to costs and whether they can achieve that look.

  9. Get an actual picture.

Most stylists do not do very well with guess work so it certainly wouldn’t hurt to go to your hairdresser armed with an actual picture of the celebrity and the hairstyle if possible.

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