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Curly Hair Style , Picture Gallery for Curly Hairstyles

Too many curly tressed women are at war with their hair! It's true, curly hair can sometimes need a bit more care and attention than straight hair to keep it looking its best.

Ask your Salon for more details and see more Curly Hair Tips! There are plenty of hairstyles with curls because the curls add an addition to the hairstyles that cannot be duplicated.

A downside to hairstyles with curls is that the hair needs a lot of care. There are two types of curly hair, chemically curled (permed) and naturally curly. Creating the best curly hair styles, even for people with naturally curly hair is something you have to work at, just a little. Curly hair, can be a blessing, but if it is not cut well, you can get a wild look. To avoid this, you should always remember:

  • Curly hair should always be layered.
  • If curls are unruly, apply hair spray to palms and smooth over hair's surface.
  • If hair is long or very curly, you can 'straighten it' with a large round or paddle brush, some straightening balm and a blower.

Curly Hair Styles Tips

To maximize ringlets in long curly hair you want to have a Debra Messing celebrity hair style that features layers cut only into the last inch or so. By taking just a tad off the bottom of the strands the excess bulk is removed thereby giving your hair more bounce.

When using a curling iron, choose a one-inch barrel all over your head. Make sure the pieces of hair are all tucked under so you do not end up with a flip out instead of a flip down.

Because the curls are loose, there is more frizziness, which makes using a frizz control product a neccessity.

Short curls can really vamp up hairstyles. There was a time when short, curly hairstyles were the hot trend but now, these hairstyles are just a nice change up from the constant short crop or cut.

To create loose curls, use a soft shine wax on the ends, if you want it to hold go in and curl with your finger any piece that did not curl so well, use some hairspray and Voila! If you want just a little wave use the soft shine wax from root to end.

If your hair is straight ask your stylist for long, slightly uneven layers. Like the celebrity hair style Faith Hill sported last year. The layers will create natural volume and body to your hair.


Here the curly tresses are parted at the middle and flowing loosely below the shoulder level.

Curly hairstyle in blonde hair looks awesome.The tresses are trim with few layers by giving a 'U' shape.

Shoulder length tight curled hairstyle is always fashionable among black women.


Another option for achieving curly hair styles is to scrunch your hair using a hard hairspray that is combined with a mousse or soft gel for softening the curl. With these curls, you can wear them to the office or school for a casual but sophisticated look and then at night, you can pin your curls up, creating an elegant and more sensual look.

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