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Healthy Hair Care secrets and advice

Growth of hair, their glow and health is governed by the internal system of our body. Proper care is essential for healthy hair. Women since the beginning of time have known the secrets of using various foods to enhance beauty, resolve skin and hair problems, and provide solutions to common problems.

Skin of the scalp which is usually covered by hair, has deep rooted hair. At the root of each hair there is a tiny bag known as papilla. Papilla provides nourishment to hair.

Diet for healthy hair

Quality of your hair depends on your general health. Protein rich diet, with a profuse use of fruits and fresh vegetables is good for beautiful and healthy hair. So, before you look for a magical product to make yourself beautiful, be sure to remember the basics: lots of water and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamin E can help your hair to have more shine, and you can get this much needed vitamin by incorporating brown rice, nuts, wheat germ and leafy green vegetables into your diet.

Hair Problems and Solution

Premature greying or falling of hair signifies some deficiency in the body. Polluted atmosphere, scorching heat, sultry climate affect the beauty of hair adversely. Likewise, tension, anxiety, grief, disease, frustration, brooding are also harmful.

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