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Hair Highlights & Color

It is said that color is the splash of life, so why not add a little bit of life to your hair by investing in hair highlights. Hair highlights are a good way to give dull hair a needed boost and some people get highlights to give their hair more personality and spunk or just to try some new hairstyles, because they are tired of the same old look.

Hair highlights are fun and versatile and can be used on different hairstyles and hair lengths ranging from short to long hair. Hair highlights should be chosen carefully.

Choose a color that is close to your natural hair color so it will create a more natural look. Choosing a hair highlight that compliments your skin tone and natural hair color should be mandatory.

There are generally four basic types of hair highlights such as lowlights, piecing, hair painting and basic foil. The type of hair highlights you choose depends if you want a simple look or an over the top look, no matter what you choose there is never a wrong way to go with highlights since there is no rule of only having one color in your hair.

When one highlights their hair they can have up to two to three different colors in their hair that are similar in tone but can create a noticeable difference for a distinctive look.

Color Choices


There are popular colors when it comes to highlighting that should be used as a standard guide when choosing a hair color. Certain colors look best on different hair, it is most likely recommended to get highlights a few shades lighter than your natural hair color.

Dark highlights go best with men and women with dark hair colors like jet black, brown, dark brown and various shades of brown. The best highlights for these dark hair types probably would be chestnut brown and honey brown hair highlights that will create a nice effect on the hair.

Blonde highlights can also be used on dark brown hair, but it is preferred to use a darker shade of blonde to blend in with the natural dark brown color. Blonde hair highlights should be a darker shade of blonde or a dark brown. When a person gets highlights that are darker than their regular hair it is considered low lighting and low lighting works best on lighter hair colors.

Some hair colors are unique on their own such as the fabulous red heads that want to add more spunk to their already stand out eccentric hair color.

One who has red hair can use hair highlights that have gold, copper and silvery brown tones to make their hair look great. It is recommended that when you have red hair, your highlights should create a subtle appearance. No matter what highlight you choose, one can never go wrong with red hair it is a natural highlight itself!

Some other highlights that are very common and exotic are highlights used when creating punk hairstyles. Punk hairstyles are known for their dramatic colors like neon purple, pink, blue, green and two tone colors like black and red or black and blonde or some colors that are out of the ordinary.

Hair highlights can be used on any hair to give one's hair a little uumph and pep to create hairstyles that are absolutely great and fun to sport.

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