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Hairstyle With Bangs at New York's Spring Fashion Week 2008

Hairstyles with bangs were a crucial part of the look at New York's Spring Fashion Week 2008. Bangs add a light, youthful feel to hair that fits in well with spring's frothy frocks, and besides being fashionable, they cut down on styling time and are low maintenance.

Hairstyles with bangs are a great inexpensive and risk-free way to update your look. If you've been wearing the same style for years because it flatters your face, and don't want to change too much, your stylist can make you look more modern just by adding the right bangs, and the bangs themselves can be styled in different ways to give your hair more variety. They can also hide wrinkled foreheads, make the proportions of your face more pleasing and draw attention to your eyes, acting like an instant face lift.

Different Hair Style Option with bangs

The number one style on the spring runway was thick, short, straight bangs, also known as blunt cut, which look best on people with long narrow faces and can also compensate for prominent features like sharp chins or expansive foreheads. Hairstyles with blunt bangs are quite girlish and can look too immature on older women. However, with some adaptations, women of all ages with a variety of face shapes can make bangs work for them.

Rounded bangs are similar to blunt cut bangs except that the hair in the center of the forehead is slightly shorter than the hair on the sides. Hairstyles with bangs that are rounded are ideal for people with square faces because they make the face appear more oval and draw attention to the cheekbones.

Side-swept bangs, which are long, parted on the side and then pushed aside, are the best style for people with round faces, as they add visual length. They're also flattering on other face shapes as well, making them the most versatile of hairstyles with bangs. They can irritate you by constantly falling into your eyes, though, so if you go for this style, use a small amount of styling product such as wax or gel to keep them under control.

Choppy bangs, or bangs which have been purposely cut to look random and uneven, forming the appearance of little points, are also a good style for round faces, as they can create vertical lines which slim the width of your face.

Wispy bangs are similar to choppy bangs but lighter and airier; they look best on heart-shaped faces, as they visually minimize the width of the forehead. And people with oval faces are the luckiest, as any of the hairstyles with bangs mentioned above flatter them.

Latest Pictures for Hairstyles with Bangs

Long hairstyle with sloppy bangs looks amazing and suits well on all facial shape.

This is another bangs hairstyle in long curly hair.

Short blunt haircut with straight irregular bangs is very fashionable now days.

Some Tips for Hair Bangs

The only drawbacks to hairstyles with bangs are that they require more frequent trims than one-length hair, although many salons will trim just the bangs at a discounted price and growing them out can be extremely tedious. For this reason, it's best to consult with a stylist with a photo of the type of bangs that appeal to you, to make sure they will work with your face shape before you do anything that can't be reversed.

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