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Oval Face Shape Hairstyles

Finding the right oval face shape hairstyle is easier than finding hairstyles for other face shapes. The oval face shape is the ideal shape that all other face shapes aspire to, so if you're lucky enough to be born with it you can almost wear any hairstyle you like! If your face shape is oval you can even get away with avante garde styles such as the currently trendy stacked bob, which can make other face shapes look heavy or unbalanced.

The only hairstyles that people with oval faces should avoid are extremely long hair, as in waist-length or longer, because it will drag the appearance of their faces down and make them look long-faced, and very thick, heavy straight bangs, which will visually spoil the shape of an oval face by adding unnecessary weight.

Short, medium and long hair all look good on people with oval face shapes because they are well-proportioned, so choose any length hairstyle that makes you happy.

Latest Pictures for Hairstyles with Oval Shape Face

Chin length bob haircut with fringes looks great on oval shape face.

Long loose hairstyle with middle parted for oval face.

Very short blunt cut with asymmetric bangs also work well on oval shape face.

The best way to take advantage of your ideal oval face shape is to decide which feature you want to highlight. For example, if your eyes are your best feature, wearing long, slightly side-swept bangs with longer hair on the sides of your face will make them stand out.

If you want to call attention to your cheekbones, however, a short pixie cut with wisps that hit the center of your face will do so. Basically, just decide what your favorite feature is and have your stylist cut layers which land at the same length as that feature.

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