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Ponytail Hairstyles

At the end of the day everybody loves ponytails. In fact ponytail are the one type of hairstyle which has never gone out of fashion, from the swinging sixties to the disco fever of the eighties every woman at one time or another has worn a ponytail.

Wearing Ponytail Hairstyles with Long Hair

Ponytail Hairstyle Girl Picture

For those that have long hair, ponytails are a great choice of hairstyle, if you want to look relaxed, and indeed if you want to feel relaxed! They are perfect in the summer to keep the hair off of your face, or if you are sporty and like to play tennis. They are also the perfect choice of hairstyle for young girls, especially during school time, it keeps the hair off the face, and is easy for parents in the morning to style. In fact the ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles to wear, and is therefore also perfect for those who are in a rush, or haven't had time to wash their hair.

Types of Ponytail Hair Styles

You can choose of course from a number of different ponytail styles.

Wearing Side Ponytail Hairstyle

Very Low Ponytail: There is the very low ponytail which sits at the nape of the neck. This is a sophisticated and tidy version which is great for job interviews, and any other important meetings.

High Ponytail: The high ponytail at the back of the head is perfect if you want to look relaxed and sporty, especially in summer time.

Wild Ponytail Hairstyle: There was a moment when the wild ponytail was in fashion, where the ponytail was tied high on the top of the head. The tail was often then backcombed or crimped to give a wild and messy effect. The wild pony tail is still a choice chosen today amongst young girls.

Sleek Ponytail: If you would like a sleek ponytail, then you should of course make sure that your hair is glossy and shiny by keeping it in good condition, with good quality hair products. If you hair is not long enough for a ponytail, then do not worry then are now hair attachments that you can buy in the shape of a ponytail.

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