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Prom Hairstyle Trends

Prom is a very important time in any teenager's life. When you look back at your pictures from prom in years to come, you will probably want to see how prom trends have changed over time. Of course, prom trends are constantly changing. This includes prom hairstyles. Here are some of the 2008 prom hairstyle trends that are popular this year if you are planning to attend prom.



One of the interesting things about 2008 prom hairstyles is that they are more likely to be kept very natural this year. During other years, it was very common to see girls with very straight hair choosing to get it done very curly and vice versa. This year, you will see a lot natural prom hair styles. What this ultimately means is that you will probably notice a lot of natural waves and curls going on.

Lots of Down-dos


Another one of the interesting things is that there will be a lot of down-dos worn at prom this year. The main focus will be for majority of the hair to be left down either wavy or curly. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be any prom updo hairstyles. These can be very elegant and will probably never go away entirely.

Smooth Updos

Although updos will be less popular than down-dos this prom season, there is one very big trend from prom updo hairstyles. This is that the hair leading into the prom updo hairstyle will be very smooth. Although the messier updo look will still be worn, most prom updos will be kept very neat, sleek and smooth this year for the most part. Buns will be kept very tight, rather than loose or messy.

Hair Accessories

The flower is going to remain one of the most popular prom hair accessories for 2013. The tiara will be a close second. Last year, glittery hair accessories were quite popular. This year, they are not going to be, which is mainly due to the fact that a lot of prom dresses will be glittery or have sequins and they will clash with one another. Flowers or tiaras are really your safest bets.

If you are interested in following prom trends, you should keep in mind all of the trends that were mentioned above. However, also remember that it is your prom night and this is a very important moment in your life.

You should not feel there is any need to follow the current prom trends just because they are popular this season. Wearing what you like and what will also look good is very important. Don't allow yourself to become a fashion slave if you do not want to be.

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