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Punk HairStyles

Punk hairstyles is one of the popular hairstyles available. A Mohawk hairstyle is popular with those seeking a punk hairstyles. The punk hair style has basically stayed the same, with a few changes here and there to fit the times (70's punk, 80's punk, 90's punk and so on). Most people find punk hair style quite harder in media.

Punk hairstyles will go with almost any face shape. This type of hair style can be seen on popular magazines, televisions and very high profile people. Punk hairstyles are generally very fluffy and volumous with many different colors.

How do you know it's punk? Well a classic punk fashion look might consist of a pair of combat boots, Doc Martens boots, old tattered converse shoes, tapered jeans or tight leather pants worn with a ripped T-shirt and silver bracelets.

Various Types of Punk Hairstyles

Original Punk Hair style

In this punk type, spikes are created on hair with the use of gel. It was first seen in 1980s.

Skate Punk Hair style

This punk hairstyle is first worn by Kelly Osborne. In this type also spikes are created on uneven length cut hair and hair ends are coloured with different colours.

Pop Punk Hair style

For pop punk hairstyle to be created long hair is needed. Different hair colors are used on various portions of hair. Avril Lavigne celebrity also have the same haircut.


There are many online fashion websites that provides information and pictures of people with punk hair styles. Here are some pictures given:

Punk Hairstyle girl spikes Punk Hairstyle Punk Hair style


  • Remember, when dressing punk rock style, forget all about frilly or feminine. Paris Hilton is not your inspiration here girls!

  • Punk rock is all about making your own mark against the restrictions of the establishment - so whatever you choose to wear nzgirls, wear it with individuality and rock the party!

Vistors Comment

After you take a shower, comb it, then flip it upside down and scrunch in mousse! I think this is a great tip for punk hairstyle.

Tips for Punk hairstyles with curly hair: Ok here is what you have to do. If your hair poofs out and gets frizzy when you leave it curly -------
Firt wash your hair with shampoo and a good quality conditioner. then gently rub your hair in a towel so its still wet but not soaked. then brush out your hair so its in lines (used by a tail comb) then shake out your hair until it is curly. next you apply some mouse to the routes of your hair and the tips of your hair and scrunch it up in your hand then let if fall nicely. after that, wait a while until your hair had dried COMPLETLY. now that your hair is dry, flat iron or blow dry your fringe down into the style that you want. trust me it works i do it everyday of my life because i hate having poofy hair :) -- by Ellie

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