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Different Makeup for New Year

Decide on the best Makeup for New Year:

Most of us think that New Year is like any another holiday. But, it is not so. Infact, it is an occasion to transform yourself to a charming, delightful look. To achieve this you need specially designed Makeup for New Year. Always remember that the makeup for New Years should be attractive and irresistible.

You should have a clear picture of the image you wish to portray. Fixing up with a salon in advance to get the best makeup is a good idea. If your plan is come out with unusual makeup, then all that you have to do is put some basic contours on your face with white cosmetic pencil, and then shade it.

Classical Makeup for New Year:

First and foremost, wipe your face using a tonic without alcohol. Then apply thin layer of day cream. A thin layer of foundation cream makes facial skin appear smooth.

If it is for the evening, go for darker foundation. Look into all the natural defects that you have on your face and correct them using dark blush of brownish shades.

Using blush on wider cheekbones will make it more attractive. Then you need to apply loose powder all over the face followed by thin layer of blush on cheeks.

Applying a thin layer of foundation cream on lips prior to using lipstick would give you lasting impact. Your eye shadows should match the shape of your eyes. E

ye liners can be used on eye edge or on corners of the eye. Using false eyelashes is also a good option. Your lip contour should be darker than your lipstick. Once you finish with this makeup for New Year, you will look all dressed to welcome yet another year.

How to make Makeup for New Year last long?

Using eye shadow primer makes your eye makeup last longer as the focus should be more on the eyes in Makeup for New Year. Choose bright colored makeup to get the real impact. Try using cheek and lip stains of pink as it will stay on your cheeks for long.

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