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Eye Liner Types - How to apply Eyeliner?

Eyeliner is a great way to flatter all eye shapes and sizes. Eyeliner should be applied after eyeshadow and before your mascara. An eyeliner adds depth and definition to the eyes, making them more dramatic and expressive. The earlier cake type of eye liner has now been somewhat replaced by liquids and pencils. The liquid liners are sold in bottles either with a separate small brush or in an automatic unit with the brush built into the cap. Eyeliner is applied for emphasizing eye shape and accentuating the lash line.

Eye liner comes in two forms - Liquid and pencil eyeliner.

Liquid Eyeliners - These have a fuild consistency and usually come with a brush attached to the cap. However, these are not as easy to apply as the ink-well sponge-tipped variety. To apply liner, look down into your mirror to prevent the liquid smudging. You should stay like this for a few seconds after applying the liner to give it time to dry thoroughly.

Pencil Eyeliner - This is the easiest way to add extra emphasis to your eyes. A pencil should be used to draw a line close to your upper and lower lashes. It is a good idea to sharpen the pencil between uses, not only to ensure you have a fine tip with which to work, but laos to keep it bacteria free. Alternatively look for eyeliner pencils that come with a smudger built in at the other end.

Steps for Applying Eye liner Applying Eyeliner Steps

First apply eye shadow , then move on to apply eyeliner. If you have never applied liner before and feel a bit nervous, try this technique. Sit down at a table in a good light with a mirror. Take your good eyeliner in your hand and rest your elbow on the table to keep your arm and hand steady. You can also give yourself extra support by resting your little finger on your cheek.

These are some tips and instructions for applying eyeliner properly.

Choose an eyeliner appropriate for your eye color.

Draw a thin line, try to draw as close to the base of your eyelids as possible. Start from the inside corner of your eye and work your way out.

Tilt your head back slightly and bring your eyes to a half-open state. This creates a good angle for application, while allowing you to see what you're doing.

Experiment with lining the bottom of your eyes the same way for a more dramatic look. When lining your bottom lids, go in the opposite direction: start from the outside corner and work your way in.

Types of Eyeliners and application tips

Pencil eyeliners: offer good consistency and are relatively easy to use. These can be testing by drawing with them on the back of the hand and ensuring that the pencil does not tug at the skin or leave thick globs. For a soft look, the pencil liner applied in a thin line over the natural lash line can be smudged with the fingertip or with a damp makeup brush to give the appearance of a dark shadow.

Liquid eyeliners: Take practice and a steady hand to apply, but are sure to give a smooth, sensuous line to the length of the eye. They are generally limited to the top of the eyelashes, whereas an eye shadow or an eye lining pencil may be used under the lower lashes also. Usually sold in bottles with an application brush, one must allow the liquid eyeliner to dry before opening the eyes to avoid smudging.

Permanent eyeliners: are comparatively more expensive and exclusive options, created through cosmetic surgery by micro pigmentation. This technique adds a defined line to the lid using a handheld device that punctures the skin several times a minute with a very thin needle to push color pigments to the desired position.

Cake eyeliners: are applied with water on the top and bottom of the eyelid. For applying pencil and cake eyeliners, it is important to face a mirror with good lighting overhead and hold the head back while pulling the skin on the eyelids tight. This makes it easier to control the application of the eyeliner.

Eye makeup tips and techniques for Eyeliners

The purpose of an eyeliner is to make eyelashes look thicker and a dark liquid one highlights the shape of the eyes and deepens the look.

Lining under the eyes is recommended only for those with big eyes, as it tends to make the eyes appear smaller.

For using pencil eyeliners, it is best to softly draw a thin line along lashes, next to roots. For a party look, the color can be lightly dotted along the lower lashes and for demure looks, the line be softly smudged with fingertip or a Q-tip.

Wash your eyebrow makeup brushes regularly with makeup remover or a mild gel shampoo.

never apply eyeliner if your eyes are tired or infected

Do not apply thick eyeliner to small or close-set eyes.

Color of the eyeliner should be same as the the color of the mascara.

Eye liner application advice: Submitted by visitor

Posted by Banana  
I like looking for new makeup ideas....But here is a tip for you.
When using a pencil to line your eyes take a lighter and hold it to the tip of the pencil for about one second until the liner has has a wet glossy look. Let it cool for about 15 seconds then apply. This will give you a more bold look and will stay on longer to help avoid raccoon eyes.

Posted by My Beauty Girl  
how do you use dark black eyeliner does it look better natural or anyway i like it natural so i won'tt look goth.

Posted by Georgina  
applying a blue eye liner will make the whites of your eyes look whiter.

Posted by Spiffy  
I always use a bit of white eyeliner on the inner rims of my lower lash line. It makes you look more wide awake. I love it!

Posted by simple natural fabulous eyes  
Take a liner and put it in the line in the middle of your eye this will open and give your eyes more shape.

If you would like to submit your advice or tip on applying eyeliner or makeup. Send us and we will be happy to publish it with your name.

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