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How to Prevent or Fix Bleeding Mascara

Bleeding mascara, which is when mascara runs and creates the appearance of bleeding from your eyes, can occur for a number of different reasons. Some of these include tears, rain and watery eyes. There are a number of things that you can do in order to prevent or fix bleeding mascara.

Choose a Waterproof Mascara

The main key to preventing bleeding mascara is to opt for a mascara that will not bleed. In order to prevent it, the best thing that you can do is opt for waterproof mascara. Even when you go swimming or take a shower, you will have a hard time trying to get bleeding mascara to come off.

Skip Mascara For the Day

Although many women feel naked without their mascara, it is a good idea to just skip it for the day if you know that it is going to bleed. If it is raining, you are planning on a day at the pool or you have a cold that is causing your eyes to water, it is best to avoid wearing mascara. If you do decide to wear it, make sure that you carry mascara with you in case you need to do any touch ups because of bleeding mascara.

Think of Alternative Options

One of the main reasons that many women choose to wear mascara in the first place is because applying it helps with curling the eyelashes. Sometimes, using an eyelash curler may not only work better, but will also prevent bleeding mascara from happening. Before you decide to wear mascara, think of other options that are available for you if bleeding mascara tends to be a common problem.

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