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Prom Makeup - Apply prom make up tips

Prom night figures as a big event in most teen lives. There's nothing better than planning your dress, shoes, makeup and hair. Be sure to practice a few days before Prom or print out your favorite look and take it to a makeup counter for expert application. I guarantee you won't look weird, boring or too much like your regular, everyday self for this year's prom. Find out what kind of look is in for the prom season. Have fun! You can get yourself all set for prom night by doing your makeup yourself -

Prom Makeup Tips and Tricks

If in doubt, mimic the magazines. Look through your favorite Teen publication and copy the look of the young and famous. Your makeup artist can copy the look on you or you can try it yourself before the big night.

prom make up tips

Apply blush, it'll give you the virginal flushed look that oh so many women would kill for. If you have a cool complexion then use a rosy colored blush and for warm complexions bronzed blushes look fabulous.

The biggest mistake people make when putting on makeup is that they highlight both the eye & the mouth. You need to pick one or the other

Use a gloss instead of a lipstick, if possible, - This season it is all about the shine. Any color will do - just make sure that your lip color doesn't wash your face out.

Remember not to go overboard by applying a lot of shadow to your eye lids by wearing a deep lipstick - the lashes will say enough.

Go in for long fake eyelashes to make your eyes stand out. Black or brown mascara flatters most skin tones.

Tips to Remember:

-Even out your eyes and your lips by bringing attention to only one

-Find good mascara

-Get 8 hours of sleep 2 days before

-Eat healthy... your face will be happy!

-Blend foundation evenly

-Wear a shiny gloss

-Less is more!

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