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Top YouTube Makeup Personalities

Every woman on this earth want to look as beautiful as she can and attractive so that she catches all the attention no matter where ever she goes. And this is where make up helps us a lot. It can make you look appealing but if at any point of time it is done incorrectly, it can become a fashion blunder for you and you might end up walking looking real bad. This is why, a great sense of make up is a need for every woman today and you tube make personalities does the same for you.

They give you short online tutorials along with the videos so that you improve on your make up sense and learn the right technique. Mentioned below are some top YouTube makeup personalities that have been talking about their styles to modify your style.

Top YouTube Makeup Personalities

Lauren Luke who is known as Panacea 81 on you tube is one of the most famous Internet personality. Her lessons are a worth watch and she has some unique make up skills which if tried by you can really enhance your beauty.

Michelle pan is another great lady on you tube giving away her beauty lessons to people. Her videos are quite simple and with less talking she can easily guide you on how to get lady gaga's telephone look in minutes or smoky eyes for an evening party.

Kandee Johnson is one you tube make up personality whose tutorials are actually very helpful as she has loads of quick tips to offer. Her extensive knowledge in how to apply make up correctly makes her stand out in the crowd and the best thing is that viewer's comments are taken up by her personally.

One great YouTube make up artist for teen age girls is the fowler sisters. They have a great sense of humour ad their style of make up and designing is based on everyday life style of major teen-age girls. Their videos have a make up technique for all occasions for eg: going out for an outing with friends, visiting a mall, movie time, birthday party, evening party etc.

Another star Leina babby style on YouTube is purely based on celebrity type look and her lessons are easy to follow. With some simple steps one can easily attain her favorite celebrity look. And Hollyannaeree is known for the best eye make up tutorials on YouTube.

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