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Nail Care, Tips for beautiful Looking Healthy Nails

Humans have been playing with their nails for centuries. In 400 BC, Egyptians were buffing their nails with heena; in 1500 BC, Chineese royals were painting their nails red, bloack or white and as early as AD 100, Romans were applying "fingernail polish" made of animal fat and blood.

The way you wear your nails is as telling as your clothing, your make-up and hairstyle. No matter what your preferences, however, your nails will be healthier and easier to work with if you take care of them.

While our choices of nail cosmetics may have changed, we are as fascinated with fingernails and toenails as we have ever been. How else can you expalin the multinude of products, beauty salons and books devoted entirely to Nail Care? Fortunately, you do not need a lot of time, products or money to have beautiful gorgeous nails. Just keep nails healthy and they will look fantastic.

What are Nails and hwy do we Have Nail?

IF YOU ARE LIKE ME, you don't think much about your nails. Perhaps you wonder how you can grow them longer, keep them from chipping, or whether they would look better painted a dark claret or a blush pink. However, you may not consider all the reasons why you have nails. In fact, fingernails and toenails serve several purposes: to support the tissues of the fingers and toes, to safeguard the fingertips and the tips of the toes from injury, to assist us in picking up small objects, to help us manipulate objects, and, quite simply, for scratching.

Nail Structure

Our nails are made up of several components, some of which are visible, some of which are not. What we see when we look at our nails is called the nail plate. A plate is hard, smooth, rectangular in shape, and slightly convex.

If you have an infected nail, visit your GP for advice. If you need medical attention for a toenail, your GP may refer you to a chirotiodist.

Nails are translucent in colour, but they take on a faint pink cast thanks to the network of blood vessels located beneath them. This colour is variable. It may become paler, for example when you are feeling cold and the blood vessels in your fingers and toes have constricted.

Effects for Nails

Thought they might seem to be the least important, your finger nails attract a lot of attention to oneself. Nails need to be polished well and it is better for you to know what shade you need to apply. Here are a few looks you could use.

Naturally Stylish Daytime Look

Daytime colors should be easy to wear such as soft reds and pinks, gentle beiges and dusky blues. First, file nails into short a square style to create a practical sporty effect. Apply a base coat, allow to dry and then give nails two coats of colored polish. Finish off with a top coat.
The Final Look A practical, natural style based on short, square nails and a soft, easy to wear polish

Vibrant Party Time Look

This is your chance to try out those shades that you might feel afraid of wearing during the day. First, apply a base coat, then two coats of vibrant, fluorescent polish. Add extra shine by using a sparkling silver polish on top of the main color when it is dry. Finish of with the top coat.
The Final Look Fluorescent colors are great for parties as they look so vibrant a coat of of sparkling silver polish adds the finishing touch

Glossy, Glamorous and Sophisticated Look

For a grown-up and glamorous effect, choose deep dark colors that strike a dramatic note, such as this vampish purple. First, file nails into a long oval shape and apply a base coat. Give nails at least two coats of main polish, allowing them to dry thoroughly in between. Finish with a top coat.
The Final Look A dark, dramatic polish gives long nails a touch of glamorous sophistication

French Manicure for the Perfectly Cared For Look

This is the best choice for special occasions when you want your nails to look perfectly cared for, but not over colored. Apply a base coat and when dry, cover the tips of the nails with white polish. Allow to dry and apply a very pale pink or peach polish over the whole nail. When dry apply a top coat
The Final Look A clean, fresh effect that enhances the natural shine and color of the nails.

Nail care Tips

A healthy nail is smooth in texture and has well formed cuticles.

Nails grow faster on a person's dominant hand. They also grow more quickly during pregnancy, and in the summer. The middle finger nail grows fastest, with the growth rate progressively decreasing on the fourth, second, and fifth fingers and finally the thumb. Also, fingernails grow faster than toenails.

Put galic on your nails and it will make them longer and stronger!! Tip adviced by Jasmine

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