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Calvin Klein Perfume

Since Calvin Klein introduced its first perfume, Calvin, in 1981, Calvin Klein perfume has grown to include over 30 different varieties, including fragrances for women, men, and the line's popular unisex fragrances. Calvin Klein was also one of the first perfume lines to develop several variations of its best-selling fragrances by changing one or two notes.

Obsession, the most well-known Calvin Klein perfume, is a fresh oriental fragrance intended for daytime wear. Its notes include amber, orange blossom, oak moss, vanilla and spices. Obsession comes in a unique ovoid shaped bottle. It is also available in a men's version, a "Sheer" version, which adds more floral notes to make the fragrance suitable for summertime, and a "Night" version, which adds more spice to make it a special occasion fragrance.

CK One is another renowned Calvin Klein perfume. It was the first widely-accepted unisex fragrance because of its light, clean floral notes. It's a casual daytime fragrance that has several variations: CK One Summer, CK One Scene, CK One Electric, CK One Red and CK One Summer Blue. CK One Summer is a limited-edition warmer fruity version intended for summer; CK One Summer Blue is a cooler fruity version with citrus notes mixed with pineapple, frangipani, sea breeze, palm sap, driftwood, and skin musk. CK One Scene is a sweeter, greener version of the original; CK One Electric is a sparkling version with lime, cedar, mandarin, neroli, water lily, violet, musk, amber and cedar notes. CK One Red was also a limited edition and is no longer available.

Eternity is another best-selling Calvin Klein fragrance with several variations. Besides the original, it comes in Eternity Purple Orchid, Eternity Rose Blush, Eternity Moment and Eternity Summer. The original Eternity was a man's fragrance introduced in 1989; it is refreshing and spicy with green, floral and woody notes. Eternity Purple Orchid is a warm floral blend with freesia, plum, water lily, purple orchid, sandalwood and tonka bean notes.

Euphoria is another Calvin Klein perfume family. The original woman's fragrance was introduced in 2005 and features black orchid, black violet, lotus blossom, persimmon, pomegranate and mahogany. Euphoria is a romantic fragrance that is ideal for evening. Euphoria Men is a sexy, provocative men's fragrance with spicy, creamy and woody notes. Euphoria Lustre, also known as Luminous Lustre, is a limited edition feminine version with green, fruity, floral and woody notes in a creamy base. It comes in a mother-of-pearl like bottle. Euphoria Blossom is a lighter, sweeter version of the original Euphoria, intended for summer wear.

Calvin Klein perfumes also include CK Be, and CK In2U. Calvin is a men's fragrance that was introduced in 1981, has spicy and woody notes, and is intended for casual daytime way. Calvin Klein Man is a mixture of spicy, woody, floral and green notes. CK Be is a unisex daytime fragrance with magnolia, mandarin, musk, peach and sandalwood notes. CK In2U comes in male and female versions, both of which are sweet, fruity florals. Crave, Escape, Contradiction, Truth and Truth Lush round out the Calvin Klein perfume stable.

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