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Clinique Perfume Sets Make Great Gifts

Clinique perfume is one of the best-selling fragrance lines in the world. Since the widespread makeup and skincare line first introduced fragrance in 1997, Clinique perfume has consistently been popular with women of all age groups and is so successful that several variations of the fragrance have been created, including a few men's versions. Clinique perfume is available at Clinique counters in department stores everywhere, as well as the Clinique website, and several online discount retailers. Clinique perfumes include the original Happy, Happy Heart, Happy To Be, Happy for Men, Aromatics Elixir, Gift Wrappings, and Chemistry for Men.

Happy, the most popular Clinique perfume was also the first Clinique perfume and was introduced in 1997. A fruity floral that is unique because it's long-lasting, deluxe sample sizes of Happy are often included as part of a Clinique gift with purchase. Its notes include red grapefruit, boysenberry flower and Hawaiian orchid. Happy is available in a 1.7 oz. bottle for $37.50, or a 3.4 oz. bottle for $49.50. Happy also comes in various bath and body products, including Happy body wash, Happy body smoother, Happy body butter, and Happy body cream.

Clinique Perfumes Sets As a Great Valentine Gifts

For Valentine's Day this year, Clinique has also introduced a few novelty variations of the scent. One is a set called "Love, Clinique" in which a 15 ml Happy perfume spray comes inside a heart-shaped Lucite box. At $25, this set makes an impressive but reasonably priced gift for someone you love.

Clinique is also offering the unique option of purchasing a customized 3.4 oz Happy bottle on their website. There are instructions on how to upload your own photo to serve as the label, and the finished product takes 7-10 days to be completed (not including shipping time) and costs a mere $2.50 more than the same sized ordinary bottle. You can order up to 6 bottles of one design at a time.

Another Clinique perfume gift is the Happy Travels set, which is a .5 ml clear Lucite spray bottle which is packaged in an orange denim pouch that is decorated with a charm spelling the word "happy." This set costs $25 and would be an excellent gift for a teen.

Finally, there is the Totally Happy set of three miniature roller ball perfume dispensers. One tube contains Clinique Happy, one contains a "Wealth of Flowers" version, and one contains "A Hint of Citrus". These three scents can be mixed and matched or worn alone for 6 different variations of the original perfume. This set costs $30 and is also ideal for travel.

Clinique Happy Heart is a warmed-up version of Happy that is available as a perfume spray, body wash, body cream and body butter with the average price of these products being around $35. Happy To Be adds more floral notes to the mix and comes as a perfume spray, body wash and body cream, also at an average price of $35.

Aromatics Elixir is a romantic floral Clinique perfume that comes in a body wash, body smoother, body cream and spray. It is also available in a limited edition etched glass bottle with an attached perfume atomizer, for $50.00.

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