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Guess Perfume - Gorgeous and Versatile

Guess Perfume is one of the most beloved perfume lines on the market. Created by the designer Georges Marciano, Guess perfume originally debuted in 1990. Affordable and classic while still being youthful and trendy, Guess perfume is readily available at a reasonable price, and comes in several different versions to appeal to different tastes.

Guess Perfume for Womens

The original Guess perfume, Guess for Women, combines fruity, woody and spicy notes for a subtly sexy fragrance. Guess for Women is a versatile perfume that works equally well for every day or special occasions. It retails for $45 and can be found in most department stores, as well as upscale drugstores and several online retailers such as Guess for Women originally came in an unusual bottle that looked like an ordinary perfume bottle which had been twisted during the firing process. Since it has now been reformulated, bottles of the original version are collector's items and retail for over $150.00.

The reformulated version is slightly lighter than the original version, and has been repackaged in a tall silver cylindrical container with a transparent purple G-shaped cutout. The new version of this fragrance also comes in a 5 ounce shimmering body lotion in a purple floral plastic container for $16.00. The spray version of the fragrance needs to be reapplied every one and a half hours, so the body lotion is ideal for layering to make the scent longer-lasting.

Guess Gold, one of the newer additions to the Guess perfume line for women, was created in 2006 by Claudette Belnavis. It is a floral/Oriental fragrance which features top notes of apple, citrus and pineapple, a variety of floral heart notes, and base notes of amber, sandalwood and vetiver. It also retails for around $45, and comes in a cylindrical gold container with a transparent purple G-shaped cutout. Guess Gold is also suitable for both day and evening and retails for $45.

Guess Suede comes in male and female versions and was launched in 2007. The women's perfume has citrus top notes such as bergamot and tangerine; heart notes of lavender, sage and nutmeg, and woody base notes of vetiver, sandalwood, suede and mahogany. It retails for $50.00 and is ideal for daytime and weekends. The male version is similar but less sweet and more spicy. Both versions come in a squat gray cylindrical container with an amber transparent G-shaped cutout that is packaged inside a suede drawstring bag.

Guess Perfumes for Men

Guess Perfume also makes a men's fragrance called Guess Man. Guess Man retails for $50 and features notes of Italian bergamot, Granny Smith apple, fresh ozone, white pepper, ginger root, lavender, nutmeg, Egyptian sandalwood, spiced amber, skin musk, suede, and Siberian fir. This fragrance is light and refreshing, long lasting, and despite its name, it works well as a unisex fragrance for women who prefer their scents on the spicy side rather than sweet. Guess Man comes in a squat cylindrical container that looks like brushed steel, with a transparent blue G-shaped cutout.

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