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Hollister Perfume: Fresh and Fabulous

Hollister perfume is sold primarily at Hollister clothing stores, although it can also be found on the Hollister website and at various online retailers. Hollister is a retail division of Abercrombie & Fitch, created in 2000 to appeal to teenagers. Its storefronts are designed like a surfing theme park, with shuttered windows, mock boardwalks, and surfboards everywhere.

Hollister specializes in casual clothing with a beach or surf theme, and like many popular retailers, they have now created a line of perfume and cologne to capitalize on their customers' loyalty. Hollister perfume is reasonably priced, versatile, and universally appealing.

Hollister perfume comes in six different versions: three for girls, which they call bettys, and three for boys (also known as dudes in Hollister-speak). The Hollister perfumes for "bettys" are SoCal, Malaia and Ryder. The male versions are SoCal, HCO22, and Jake. These fragrances range from $19.50 for a once ounce bottle of Ryder to $44.50 for a two ounce bottle of SoCal. There are also two discontinued Hollister perfumes, August and Drift, which are no longer available at retailers but can still be found on eBay, although due to their collector's item status they will cost around $150.00 there.

The "betty" version of SoCal comes in three versions: a 1.7 oz. spray for $34.50; a 2.5 oz. spray for $44.50, and an 8.4 oz. body lotion for $19.50. Hollister stores are currently using this fragrance as a marketing tool by spraying it in their stores because customers react very positively to the scent and usually end up leaving with a bottle. SoCal is casual, feminine and sexy, and is designed to give the wearer a southern California surfer vibe. Its bottle comes in a brown floral print box that invokes the spirit of a Hawaiian shirt.

The "dude" version of SoCal comes in two sizes, 1.7 oz. and 2.5 oz., which cost $34.50 and $44.50 respectively. It is also designed to invoke a laidback surfer lifestyle. This fragrance has a bottle which looks like a flask that comes in an industrial looking corrugated cardboard container.

Ryder also comes in 1.7 oz. ($34.50) and 2.5 oz. ($44.50) sprays. It is a light fresh floral in an unusual bottle with a bulbous base and long, cylindrical neck.

Jake is Ryder's male counterpart and comes in one size only, 1.7 oz. for $34.50. It mixes citrus and woody notes for a rugged appeal. Jake's bottle looks like a rounded flask.

Malaia is the most romantic of the Hollister perfumes for women. It comes in a 1 oz. spray bottle for $24.50 or a 2 oz. spray bottle for $34.50. It features marine, sheer floral and soft woody notes. Malaia's bottle comes in a cylindrical tin with a brown paisley-like pattern on it.

Malaia's male counterpart is HCO22, which comes in a 1.7 oz. bottle for $29.50. It is a fresh marine fragrance intended for daytime or casual use. HCO22's bottle comes in a cardboard box with a picture of a shirtless male model on it.

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