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Lacoste Perfume for the Luxurious Lifestyle

Lacoste perfume is luxurious yet sporty, bringing to mind the image of afternoons playing tennis and evening parties at the yacht club. Lacoste's first fragrance was Lacoste cologne, introduced in 1984, but in the 90's the venerable French sportswear firm branched out into women's fragrances.

Womens Perfume by Lacoste

Lacoste for Women, also known as Lacoste Pour Femme, is a delicate floral/woody fragrance intended for daytime use by mature women. It come s in a minimalist cylindrical bottle and is light but long-lasting. Lacoste perfume for women costs around $40.00.

Lacoste Inspiration is a fruity floral that is blue-colored and comes in a rounded bottle. It retails for around $55.00 and is intended for casual use by young women. It develops over time, going from citrus top notes to a warm base.

Lacoste Touch of Pink is the sparking Lacoste perfume, intended for the feminine but independent woman. Its tops notes are coriander and blood orange, with floral heart notes of jasmine and violet and warm base notes of musk, sandalwood and vanilla. Touch of Pink comes in a lively 1.6 oz. hot pink bottle that retails for $38.50. It is long lasting and is intended for casual use by younger women.

Lacoste Touch of Spring is a new limited edition Lacoste perfume that comes in an ombre-style bottle which graduates from clear to bright green. Its notes are aquatic accord, Amazon water lily, hosta, osmanthus, quince blossom, sandalwood and musk. It is available as an eau de toilette which costs $65 for a three ounce bottle or a body lotion for $40.

Lacoste Touch of Sun is also a limited edition perfume and contains notes of bergamot, grapefruit, rose, peony, jasmine, vetiver and musk mixed with green notes and aquatic notes for a truly eclectic fragrance. It is a long-lasting scent that comes in a sunny yellow-orange bottle which retails for $48. Lacoste Touch of Sun is intended for casual use by the natural, outdoorsy younger woman.

Mens Perfume by Lacoste

Lacoste's men's fragrances include Lacoste Pour Homme, Lacoste Cool Play, Lacoste Elegance, Lacoste Essential, Lacoste Hot Play, and Lacoste Red Style in Play. All of these fragrances retail for around $50.

Lacoste Pour Homme also comes in an aftershave version and features notes of citrus, clover, sandalwood and spices. Lacoste Cool Play is a cool, spicy scent with notes of amber, coriander, cedar, citrus, green sap, silver birch leaf, pepper, juniper berry, violet, vetiver, amber, patchouli and musk.

Lacoste Elegance, while considered a man's fragrance, actually works well as a unisex scent and is made up of amber, bitter chocolate, black pepper, cardamom, juniper, mint, musk, nutmeg, raspberry, sandalwood, tangerine and thyme notes. Lacoste Essential is a brand-new fragrance with patented time-release technology. Its notes include black pepper, patchouli, sandalwood and tomato leaves.

Lacoste Hot Play is a limited edition man's fragrance in a green bottle with notes of black pepper, nutmeg, yuzu, papyrus, ivy leaves, freesia, sipo wood and musk. It's a warm, stimulating fragrance intended for summer.

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