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Ralph Lauren Perfume: All American Beauty

Ralph Lauren Perfume is one of the most comprehensive designer fragrance lines. It has something for everyone, although all of its fragrances have a classic but youthful, sporty American vibe. Ralph Lauren fragrances for men and women include Polo, Polo Black, Polo Blue, Polo Double Black, Polo Explorer, Polo Sport, Extreme Polo Sport, Polo Sport Women, Chaps, Pure Turquoise, Glamorous, Lauren, Ralph, Ralph Cool, Ralph Hot, Ralph Rocks and Ralph Wild.

The original Polo may be the best known Ralph Lauren fragrance. It is a fresh masculine scent with basil, chamomile, tobacco, patchouli and oak moss notes and comes in a green bottle with the famous Ralph Lauren Polo logo. Ralph Lauren Black is a bold, modern scent with notes of iced mango, silver armoise and patchouli noir. It comes in an opaque black bottle with the Polo logo on it. Polo Blue is a fresh everyday fragrance that comes in a transparent blue bottle, also with the Polo logo; it features notes of basil, cucumber, geranium, melon, tangerine, verbena, sage, suede, moss, patchouli and musk.

Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black is a sexy but fresh masculine Oriental fragrance that comes in a black on black bottle. It has notes of mango, pepper, coffee, nutmeg, cardamom and juniper mixed with wood. Polo Explorer is both fresh and smoky, mixing marine notes with base notes of amber and sandalwood.

Polo Sport for Men is a refreshing daytime fragrance with notes of algae, amber, mint, nutmeg, oak moss and sandalwood. Extreme Polo Sport is a stronger version of this fragrance that adds notes of coriander, rose, juniper, bergamot, and musk. The woman's Ralph Lauren perfume called Polo Sport is a fresh aquatic fragrance intended for casual daytime use that blends marine notes with citrus, greens and light florals.

Ralph Lauren Chaps is a masculine fragrance created in 1979 in a western-styled bottle. It blends notes of amber, citrus, herbs, and leather. Pure Turquoise is a new western-themed Ralph Lauren perfume for women based on night-blooming desert cactus flower; its other notes include cassis, violet, lily, neroli, Bulgarian rose, patchouli, birchwood, amber, vanilla bourbon and rum.

Glamorous is a Ralph Lauren perfume is a romantic fragrance which mixes floral notes such as calla lily with clementine and vetiver. Lauren is a fruity floral for women with notes of carnation, cedar, jasmine, lilac, lily, marigold, pineapple, rose, vetiver and violet.

Ralph Cool, Ralph Hot, Ralph Rocks and Ralph Wild are a family of fruity and fresh Ralph Lauren perfumes. Ralph has notes of mandarin, freesia and green apple; Ralph Cool contains cucumber, honeysuckle, jasmine, kiwi, linden blossom, lily, musk, nectarine, vetiver and watermelon in a base of woody notes. Ralph Hot is a gourmand or foody fragrance with notes of cinnamon, maple and mocha. Ralph Rocks is a creamy citrus floral, and Ralph Wild is a fresh fruity fragrance with strawberry and watermelon notes.

Ralph Lauren perfume also includes Ralph Lauren Blue, Romance For Men, Romance For Women, Romance Silver For Men, and Safari for men and women.

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