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6 Most Fabulous Perfumes for Winter

Winter can be cold and brutal at times and it can take a toll on your skin and your overall health. So why not warm up with fresh scents that make you smell and feel good as well as heat up your body and make you feel warm and toasty. The various types of perfumes that should be worn in the winter are cypress perfumes because they have sharp woody notes that promote warmth and give off a feeling of general heat.

Some of the best perfumes on market right will make you fell so cozy that you will dump your electric blank in exchange for a few splashes of these perfumes.

6 Most Fabulous Perfumes for Winter

1. Splendor by Elizabeth Arden

This perfume will have you feeling a sense of well being all day long while keeping you warm and fresh with its top notes of wisteria, white pony and sweet pea. While it enhances your senses with its base notes of white musk.

2. Coco by Coco Chanel

No need for jalapenos to give you some heat when you have this classic spicy and oriental spritz that will make you. This classic perfume has a floral scent and the spicy aspect leaves a warm scent and feeling.

3. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

This lovely perfume has a soft citrus wood scent that will keep you smelling lovely as well as creating the heat you need to stay warm with its notes of white amber, musk and woods. To keep this scent long lasting this lovely perfume also comes with body lotion and shower gel.

4. Vanilla Fields

Aah nothing like the fresh aroma of vanilla to boost your spirits and give you a feeling of comfort inside. This fresh perfume is defined as elegant and oriental with a woody scent that boasts with natural notes of vanilla ylang, ylang, violet, bergamot and jasmine.

5. Organza by Givenchy

If you are cozying up by the fireplace or at the office this perfume that has a sharp oriental fragrance will give you the warmth that you need for the cold. This fragrance will give you a nice feeling and it will have you smelling fresh all day long.

6. Red Ginger by Suzanne Lange

This wonderful fragrances known to stay close to the skin and will make you feel warm and enlighten your senses. This perfume definitely has the spices that will light you fire, with a hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, spicy carnation and notes of bergamot you are sure to set up a few sparks. Known for its sweet but spicy aroma makes this perfume a must have for the winter. Splash a few sprays before a date and your date will be in heaven.

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