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Tips for Application of Bridal Mehndi or Henna

Indian brides are not complete without applying mehndi or henna on their hands and feet. Henna is usually a dark-colored paste that is made of henna leaves. This natural dye gives a reddish color to the skin and is very suitable for creating temporary yet wonderful cool designs.

indian bridal heena

Every Indian bride wants to get a dark henna stain because a darker tone not only looks good and lasts longer but is also believed to draw more love from her husband and mother-in-law. Listen to the wedding advice from elders like bhabi (sister-in-law), didi (sister), mother your family and go with their suggestions. Getting dark stain is not difficult. What you need is fresh henna and a great amount of patience

Tips to Follow before Application of Henna

The mehndi has to be applied on clean and clear skin that does not have any lotions or oils.

Just before applying henna, clean the body areas with soap. However, be careful of not using any oil-based soap because that will not let the color to set properly.

Tube henna contains chemicals. So, if your skin is sensitive or you are allergic, you had better use fresh henna. Fresh henna leaves mixed with distilled water, sugar, and pure essential oils of cardamom will be excellent to use. If you have to use artificial henna, apply some on your palm first to see if it gives you burning or itchy feeling.

Before applying henna, it is better to wax, manicure, and pedicure the areas. Otherwise, the mehndi can be waxed off with hair on hands and legs. However, in order to apply henna, wait one or two days after waxing. The chemicals used in henna can cause irritation or damage on your skin by getting through the skin pores opened up by waxing.

Tips to Follow after Application of Henna

Small crumbs of mehndi can come out after it gets dried. The best way to stick it to your skin is to seal it with a sugar solution. Make a mix of lemon juice and sugar syrup and apply on the dry henna paste with cotton wool. The longer you can keep it, the darker the stain will be.

Henna has to be kept for at least 4 to 6 hours. Traditionally, it is applied at night so that you can keep it whole night. To avoid henna crumbs on your bed, wrap your hands, feet, and arms with tissue or gauze. Never use gloves or plastic bag for this purpose because it will result in condensation from sweating.

Do not stay close to air conditioner because it tends drying up the henna fast.

Tips on How to Wash Henna

Never wash off the henna because it will ruin the color. Gently rub it off with a small towel or tissues. If possible, do not use water on the henna applied areas for the next 12 hours. If it is not possible, use vegetable-based oil like mustard or coconut oil in the designs and rinse off immediately. The longer you will avoid water, the better the stain will be.

As the color of henna becomes darker with time, make sure to apply your bridal henna at least 48 hours before the reception day.

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